Fresh from a sold-out national tour, Formidable Vegetable is coming back to Cooran with some all new permaculture-boosted electro-funk and positive climate action that the whole neighbourhood can get down to as they launch their brand new album ‘Micro Biome’. With accolades from the UN and having toured to over 20 countries, Formidable Vegetable inspire folks from 5 to 95 to grow their own food, restore their own ecosystems and live a better life with irresistibly funky home-scale solutions to the many problems of the world. From the local farmers market to massive festivals such as Glastonbury, Formidable Vegetable are as at home on stage alongside the likes of Radiohead, Dolly Parton and The Rolling Stones as they are in their own garden.” With Charlie Mgee and Brenna Quinlan as the Formidable Duo, this will be an inspirational night of musical-changemaking and art-as-activism not to be missed!